Elder Tales

Elder Tales are conversations with older people in my community, people who have life stories that should be heard. These are not particularly unusual or extraordinary folk, rather they are the type of people we can meet every day, and yet we too often don’t have the opportunity to hear their stories and the life experience and wisdom they contain.

Our elderly community are a rich treasure of such stories from lives lived through world and social events that can be very different from our own; to hear these stories often we need to give time, grace, empathy and relationship to the story teller – my experience of caring for older people as a doctor over 30 years is that they tend to hold their stories tightly, and share only when they feel safe. The modern, contemporary phenomenon of oversharing through social media platforms with people we hardly know can be an anathema to older people.

This podcast is an opportunity to hear some of their stories through the relationship I have and the generosity they offer.

I hope you can listen and hear with compassion and delight.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020 17:04

The craft and beauty of old relics


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