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Life, death and our future selves

The 'End of Life Choice Bill' has passed its third reading in New Zealand Parliament, and a binding referendum will be held at the 2020 general election to decide whether to implement this bill into law.

The issues to consider in this process are complex and emotive.

However, the New Zealand pubic now have a weighty responsibility to vote on this bill, the outcome of which will have significant consequences for health care, both for patients and their carers. To vote responsibly, I hope that New Zealanders will seek high quality information from all sides of the argument, wrestle with the debate, and form a carefully considered opinion on which to vote.

To this end, I want to promote what I consider to be a well balanced treatment of some of the key issues. Shankar Vedantam hosts a podcast from NPR called Hidden Brain. In a recent episode titled 'The Ventilator' he presents a story which highlights the important issues in this 'End of Life Choice' debate. Please listen to it in its entirety.

This blog is intentionally brief, as I consider Shankar does enough to stimulate thinking and hopefully motivate the listener/reader to engage in their own exploration of the issues. However, I personally want to say just a little more. You will find this below as another link titled 'my commentary.' Please only read this once you have listened to 'The Ventilator.'


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